Infinity Dynamic Systems & Solutions(IDSS) is an Information Technology provider specializing in the delivery of cutting edge IT products and services for Local Government Units (LGUs) in the Philippines.

IDSS was established in 2008 and has since been developing cutting edge solutions for cities and municipalities with the end goal of transforming them into “SMART” cities that will utilize the latest technology to promote greater transparency, increased efficiency and more effective delivery of services to its citizens.

Among its major products and services include the first and only Cloud LGU Application Suite consisting of applications ranging from revenue generating applications such as Business Permits and Licenses and Real Property Tax Collection, to back end applications such as HR, Inventory Management, Budget and Accounting.

IDSS also provides Command and Control Systems for emergency response, disaster mitigation and peace and order management services.

IDSS will be launching the first Electoral Social Service Identity Card which is a fully automated citizen card system that will provide easier access to social services in cities and municipalities.

IDSS also provides high level Systems Integration services to ensure that your organization most effectively utilizes its current IT architecture.

For those who need to start from square one, IDSS also provides ground up IT systems from design, development, implementation and roll out and quality assurance.